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Journey by Design

     Life and Career Coaching
   by Jade De Mesa
Design your
Personal Journey to Success.

About Me

I'm here to help and guide you navigate the various seasons of your life and career with passion and purpose. Drawing from my own life transitions and commitment to learning, I am dedicated to creating a personalized process just for you and your team. Let me partner with you to unlock your potential and set you on the journey towards fulfillment and success.


I am a certified  life and career coach with an expansive 28-year background in sales, leadership, management and training. My credentials extend to certifications as a Life and Career Development coach and units in  Management Consultancy. I have also enriched my skills by pursuing a Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology. 

I champion the cause of Life and Career transitions by providing guidance to starters, shifters and advancers. With my deep understanding of life and professional dynamics and growth, I am your ally in navigating or starting your Life and Career journey.

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Here's how I can help

Life Transitions
Career  Redirection and Development

Are you at a crossroads

in your life? Do you feel stuck or unsure about your next steps? I will help you find clarity, direction, and take action to unlock your true passion and potential. 

Everyone deserves to have the career that they want!

Get guidance on how to begin your career  journey. 

Align for relevant education in your field of interest.

Be confident in your job search . 

 Be intentional to achieve your career goals .

Team Upskilling  and Reskilling

 Intentional reboot, designed to establish deeper commitment within teams.  Identify unique pain points affecting your team for customized action plans.  Empower your team and instill the mindset necessary to succeed in today's competitive business world.



Clear purpose in what matters most.  Thank you for your guidance and your passion in Coaching people to be where they should be without pushing much.  It was a dream or goals where to go but pushed me to see what's in it for me more.  Thank you and looking forward to more.
Rna Santiago   
President, BNI World QC PH
Certified Estate Planner
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