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My Coaching Services

15-Minute Discovery Call

 To get started, I offer a Free 15-minute virtual alignment session where we can explore your goals and how my programs might assist you.  

Set an appointment.

Career Starters

Enabling you to your career journey- whether it be through education, resume writing or job interview confidence building.  Avail

  a one-time session or

3-month continuity program.

Life Transitions

Feeling stuck? Create a roadmap to your desired journey . One-time or 3-month  sessions are designed to help you unlock your potential and start taking steps on your journey. 

Career Shifters/Advancers

Partnering in your desired career path by  providing guidance and support. Sessions to  help you find your potential new industry and to be intentional in your career advancements.

Find your Passion/Calling

Discover your true calling or passion. Whether you need help identifying your strengths or are looking to explore different career paths.

Every second-wind matters!

Team Learning Facilitation

Build stronger teams, reignite their commitment, and increase productivity.  Choose from 2-t0-4 hour sessions, or let's customize one to suit your specific needs.

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